This wonderful wedding photographer from Adelaide

Additional features that should be considered, but are often misinterpreted are:

  • Talent– While talent may be realized as personal preference, you may want to identify exactly what talent you seek. You may have a good idea for what shots you want, therefore, will require someone talented in following explicit directions. In other cases, you might want a wedding gallery of more artistic photographs and may want to extend a margin of creative allowance to a photographer. Certain photographers have this ability to get an idea of what you want, while others may have difficulty in finding something, in your eyes, as creative.


  • Portfolio– To gauge the quality of a portfolio or sample album, you might want to ask if the client made any special requests on either the photo shoot, or the album compilation. Photographers that handle many clients have found it cost effective to offer a set range of options. They may pride themselves in offering a certain style album based on what most clients have liked in the past, but if it doesn’t flatter you, there are many wonderful options to choose from.
  • Personality and Communication Style– The photographer will be working with you all day, possibly, for a few days, so team integration and compatibility will be key. The more a photographer gets to know you, the better the photos will be. What makes a great photo is being able to retain a moment of intimacy or feeling within the image. The more a photographer knows his subject, the deeper he will look into finding that awesome moment. Sometimes, however, someone who was great during your interview/appointment turns out to be rather harsh or rude at the wedding and vice versa. You really want someone receptive to your needs, and a proven track record of client satisfaction.

What’s Next?

Now that you know the fundamentals of the business, you may develop your own weighting systems to determine the order of importance for selecting this wonderful wedding photographer from Adelaide.

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