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ALIVE Psychic Reading by phone is an easy way to enjoy an accurate psychic reading in the comfort of your home. You can choose a real psychic online – right now – and select from our extensive list of Live Psychic Readers From Patricia┬áBernard.

Jane and I believe that our live psychics are some of the best practitioners that you’ll find anywhere. Just take a look at their online profiles and you’ll soon see that we have many extremely skilled people working with us.

There’s psychics, mediums, Tarot readers, clairvoyants and astrologers who are all very highly trained and gifted. We also have lots of top specialists using unusual divination skills – services that you’ll find nowhere else on the web.

Our guys know what they are doing and are sincere, compassionate and cheerful as they talk with you during your reading. For us, this is an inspiring endeavor and a spiritual calling. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and we hope you will enjoy sharing the joy everyone here projects into their clairvoyant work.

It’s easy to book and all of our practitioners are carefully supervised and regulated to ensure your security. Browse our list of readers, read their profiles, note their pin number and call us to ask those burning questions.

You can either dial direct and have the cost added to your phone bill or have the reading charged to your credit card.

Our live psychic phone readings will help you to get the best value for your money and we sincerely hope may give you long term solace that will help you to become spiritually stronger and more able to move forward to a happier life.

A psychic medium reading will endeavor to connect you to the next world and give comforting messages and advice from your loved ones in spirit. Our psychic mediums are trained to give proof of life after death, many works within Spiritualism and all proceed with the care, compassion, and empathy needed to deal with the difficult issue of bereavement.

Some of our phone reading services offer a complimentary CD recording of readings – giving you a permanent record of your reading. Ask your reader or medium if this service is available and, if so, to press *3 (Star 3) at the end of your consultation to obtain a CD recording of the reading. CD envelopes are unmarked for your privacy. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Patricia Bernard
Psychic Medium

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