Looking for building inspection Auckland?

When buying a house, a purchase inspection is highly recommended. An inspection helps avoid surprises, and also provides the information that you need to calculate the real cost of a home [purchase price + cost of repairs = actual purchase price – taxes and fees]. A few notes: an FHA inspection is not a home inspection. A home inspection is not an appraisal, or a guarantee. FHA / HUD will recommend a home inspection as part of the paperwork they provide; however, they do not regulate or approve home inspectors, according to the NZ field offices.


So, what is a building inspection Auckland | BettaInspectIt? Good question. Unfortunately, the answer will vary, though it shouldn’t. Most professional inspection associations have ‘standards of practice’ which outline the minimums of a home inspection. These standards are often available on-line. Typically, a professional inspector will adhere to these standards at a minimum. Most will exceed the minimum standards simply as a matter of knowledge and experience being put into practice. If the inspector is truly working for you, the client, then this should be most helpful, and you are encouraged to seek out an inspector that will function from this perspective.


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