login Features of Account was first introduced on July 31, 2012, after a long gap of the introduction of Hotmail service. The existing Hotmail customers could easily change to Its preview stage was on 18 February 2013, an upgraded version was out on 3rd April of 2013. By May 2013 gained a nearly 400 million active users. On August 8, 2017, Microsoft launched beta which included a faster inbox, a responsive and to search for emojis.


Hotmail login promised to respect privacy policies which target the Gmail’s privacy practices. The main point is it doesn’t scan emails or attachments for advertising information.Outlook uses single-use code rather than a user’s password when signing into Microsoft account. The code can be used once, but one can be requested if needed. While using on a public computer using a single-use code helps information to be secure which is sent when requested.

Gmail vs Account :
The two biggest email providers are Microsoft and Google. Google provided more storage than Microsoft. But is cleaner when compared with Gmail, which helped users to concentrate on emails rather than getting distracted. To be precise got inspired by the look of Gmail and made some modifications which took it to the next level.

Storage and attachments:
Gmail offers 15 GB storage for free but for more storage, we need to buy. If you have an Office 365 subscription you have 1 TB of storage to cover all Microsoft products. Gmail also limits the size of attachments to 25 MB in space whereas attachment limit is 10MB.

Spam, filters, and email management:
In Gmail spam filtering works effectively. It is where rare to receive spam emails, it’s almost once or twice in a year. It is also good for filtering out unwanted emails even though they are not spamming emails. has less sophisticated spam filtering yet some features put it ahead of Gmail. The sweep can get rid of all emails from ten days from a sender and blocks future emails from the sender.


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