Different types of playground

China playground, indoor play equipment, playground manufacturer, playground supplies. Hot-dip galvanizing post with highest quality foam coating, double best wood with colorful bright cloth make our indoor playground safety and good quality. Great many play items:Slide, Tubes. Balls, Track Ride, Huge different image or play panels, boxing bag, log rolls, climber, bridge and so on to make our kids enjoy the play time very much. From special design and complete installation, we will take charge of any detail step to supply a good service and good play center, Now more any more places, like kindergarten, supermarket and other places to have these kind of indoor playgrounds. Elders could enjoy their shopping or having meals during their kids play in these centers.


Outdoor play equipment manufacturer. QITELE’s outdoor playground equipment is of the highest quality.Children Playground,Park Equipment details as following:/aterial: LLDPE,aluminum,steel or galvanized steel.Consists of panels,climbs,slides(wave slide,trough slide,curved chute slide,tube slide,spiral slide) and roof performance phosphatization, rust cleaned ,polished , powder coated, high¬temperature backing finshed. Adopt the most advanced fastening link .Lots of action and opportunity to enhance children’sdeveloping physical and intellectual skills, so check additional info.

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