Best Auto Spa Car Services

In addition to fully detailing your fine automobile we offer a line of services to not only protect your investment but to enhance it as well. Check out our full line of additional services. We offer installation of aftermarket items, full engine bay detailing, and wet sanding/buffing of exterior paint. We also apply pin striping and door edge guards. Please phone for availability and pricing.

Paint Sealant
Meguiar’s one year or 52 washes
*Includes wash, dry and high speed buffing

Door Guards
Call for pricing,  varies by style

Fabric Protection (Scotchgard)
$29.95 most vehicles

Paint Over-spray Removal
Estimates given based on the amount of over-spray

Engine Cleaning 

Wet Sanding & Buffing     
Call for pricing

Pin Striping  
Call for price quote based on style and colors

Clay bar treatment (for removal of rail dust  and contaminates from vehicle finish)
$60.00 Most Vehicles

Airbrush Touch Up’s

Stone chips/Scratches/Minor nicks
(Call for pricing depends on the extent of airbrush work)

The paint and clearcoat on a vehicle is very thin- sometimes no more than .05 mills. Waxing a vehicle provides shine and also a layer of protection for the paint. However, to truly protect your expensive finish it is recommended that you apply a paint sealant. The purpose of the paint sealant is to provide a hard barrier between your paint/clearcoat and the elements. A paint sealant fills microscopic holes and indentations in your paint giving it a deep luxurious shine. Paint sealant will protect your car through 12 months or 52 washes.
Many fabric protectants are on the market for automobiles. Fabric protectants (Scotchgard) repel stains, water spots, food and grease. The protectant creates an impervious barrier between stains and your interior fabric. Spills and stains easily wipe off the fabric and do not settle into the fibers.


Table Saws – Features To Look Out For When Buying


Table saws are in a wide assortment and they extend from temporary worker saws to compact saws. You can get them from the instruments division in a retail chain, home change store or at a device retailers or notwithstanding carpentry strength stores. In the event that you don’t know what table saw is best for your necessities you can utilize online table saw audits to get important points of interest that will enable you to settle on the correct choice. Notwithstanding, you ought to likewise know the highlights that issue most in a table saw before you even check the surveys so you can settle on an educated choice. Regardless of whether you are searching for a contractor’s, versatile, bureau of cross breed table saw, the highlights should direct your buy.

Purchase a convenient table saw today.

Engine horsepower -It is a standout amongst the most vital highlights since it figures out what undertakings it can deal with serenely. For example, a table saw that has 1.5 to 2 engine drive can work from a standard family unit circuit and can slice hardwoods that are up to 2 crawls in thickness; you may require more torque for thicker hardwoods.

Tissue sensor -Not all models have this element but then it is essential in keeping up wellbeing and decreasing wounds amid task. The sensor stops the edge milliseconds after it contacts tissue, diminishing degree of wounds. As a rule the brake activity makes the cutting edge dip under table level and close down the engine. With such an element, you just get a scratch rather than a disjoined finger. It is, anyway a component that could climb the cost, however it is certainly justified, despite all the trouble.

Residue collection -The element makes it feasible for you to keep up a spotless workshop or working zone. Sawdust can botch up your work region and requires tidying up to protect the region, yet when you get a table saw that has a residue gathering highlight; you won’t need to stress over the aggregation of sawdust on your floor. A table saw that has a gathering pack will likewise assume a job in keeping the air in your workshop wipe keeping particles off your lungs as you work. Your solitary job is unfilled the sack all the time to continue getting a charge out of the advantages of the component.

Drive belt -Table saw vibrations are caused to a great extent by the drive belt and you in this manner need to check the plan of your drive belt before obtaining the table saw. A table saw with a poly-V belt configuration produces negligible vibrations contrasted with one that has general V or wedge belts. Have this as a main priority or approach about it before you agree to a table saw show.

Kick switch -This is another critical security highlight to have on a table saw. It essentially is a switch that you can turn on and off utilizing hip movement, foot or knee when it is unthinkable or testing to get your hands off the wood piece you are slicing to physically kill the engine on and. On the off chance that utilizing hands or expelling them from the wood piece makes a wellbeing risk, at that point the kick switch proves to be useful.

Buy a portable table saw today.

Mole Removal Introduction


Understanding what moles and skin tags are is also important. “Nevi,” is the standard term for moles and many people have chosen to removed them for their own personal reasons. What’s important to know is that with DermaTend®, surgery is not your only option.

The two most common surgical methods for mole removal are:

    1. Using a surgical blade to cut the moles off of the skin, then stitched to heal, depending on the depth of the mole. You can check mole removal cost.


  1. Using a laser to burn the mole off of the skin, this method is limited to highly superficial moles, because they cannot penetrate the skin to remove deep moles.

Unfortunately, no matter how expert the doctor or dermatologist may be, when you choose to have moles removed by surgery, even without stitches you may be left with a permanent scar. For most people, this is not the result that they want; DermaTend’s® natural mole removal cream was their solution.

What is a mole?

Moles should not be confused with birthmarks or hemangiomas (abnormal blood vessels) which have their own types of treatment.

While the medical profession has their own terminology, for the average person a mole is a dark irregularity in the skin. Although some people are born with moles, they can also develop as a person matures. It is also believed that exposure to the Sun contributes to the development of moles, in particular the dysplastic moles.

It doesn’t matter if you have had moles all your life, or for a short time, when you use the mole removal formula of DermaTend® at home moles will be out of your life for good.

How Does DermaTend® Remove Moles and Skin Tags?

The DermaTend® natural mole removal system is very easy and because you can do this for yourself at home, you can relax and take care of this problem in privacy. The cream is easy to apply and there are no harsh chemicals to irritate the skin. This home mole removal kit is gentle on the skin and works with your own body chemistry to effectively and completely remove moles forever. No one will be staring at you leaving the doctor’s office with bandages to protect the area where the mole was removed.

Now you don’t have to suffer any longer or go through painful surgery to have complete mole removal. The main thing that will be different after using DermaTend® is that your confidence level will shoot through the roof!

The DermaTend® mole remover cream is the solution that has saved thousands of people the pain and anxiety of undergoing surgery. To be completely free of mole and skin tags is a liberating experience; no more feeling embarrassed about the way you look. People will begin to notice your improved attitude and begin to appreciate you more.

The all-natural DermaTend® Mole Remover formula will not only change your appearance it will change your life for the better. Are you frustrated about having moles and skin tags? Use this mole removal cream and prove for yourself that it really is possible to do this– without the cutting, burning, or expensive laser surgery.

In just one application you can remove skin tags, moles and even warts that are making you uncomfortable. Don’t continue to allow these blemishes to drag down your self-confidence any longer.

Security Guard Training

– Online

Some jurisdictions will allow you to fulfill your basic security guard training & licensing requirements online. Online security guard training will have lessons, exercises, and tests like classroom courses and will usually allow for interaction between students and instructions.
The biggest benefits that online security guard training offer are convenience and affordability. Online security guard training courses can be completed in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. This can be especially beneficial if you’re busy with full-time employment. You’ll likely have to contact your local government offices to find out if online licensing fulfills the licensing requirements of your state or municipality.
If your jurisdiction requires emergency first aid and CPR training, this will likely have to be administered in a classroom. However, for most of the of security guards for hire licensing requirements may be completed online in most states.


Start Your Security Guard Training Today

If you’re an individual with a basic level of physical fitness who can display good judgment and common sense, are able to take direction and follow rules and guidelines, have a good deal of patience but can also take charge under pressure, then a career in private security may be perfect for you.
While some security companies will look to hire security guards with higher education or a ex-police or ex-military background, there are plenty of entry-level opportunities for those with minimal experience and a high school education. But whether you have a wealth of experience in the security field or nothing but a high-school diploma, the most important qualification for being a security guard is a responsible attitude and a willingness to learn. For anything else, that’s what security guard training is for.

Oak Park Plumber For your Plumbing Needs

As long time residents of the Oak Park area we take pride in delivering the highest quality work we can. As you well know, in a small community like ours (and in the age of the internet) it doesn’t take but one or two bad jobs to completely ruin a company.

Our reputation proceeds us, and Oak Park Plumber insist on delivering the highest quality every time.

It doesn’t matter what you need. Emergency services. New Construction. Remodeling. We can do it all for you!

Water is Spraying Everywhere! What Should I Do?

If you found out site because you have an active leak, follow these steps to stop the flow immediately:

  • If it is a toilet or sink that is leaking, look underneath them. There should be a silver knob that you can turn clockwise to stop the leak.
  • If it is a washing machine leak, there is often a knob on the plumbing coming out of the wall behind the washer that you can turn to stop the flow. (We do not do washing machine repairs, but we do handle the laundry plumbing!)
  • If there are no readily accessible shut-off knobs available , you may have to look for a manhole cover in your yard. These small manhole covers give you access to a ( often “rust-colored”) knob you can turn to stop the water to your entire house. This is commonly the only way to stop some leaks — like hot water heater leaks.

Got It Stopped?