Private Name Server

Private Name Servers are DNS name servers that are associated with particular domain name. Private Name Server can only be used on Reseller, Dedicated and Virtual Private Server Hosting plans as it is not possible for all hosting. Most of the people who hosting their website will expect to have Private Name Server instead of using common name that are used by others who hosted their websites in the same hosting.

Benefits of Private Name Server


Owning your Private Name Servers are very much important for branding or appearance reasons. It is very much helpful for Resellers. Many Resellers choose to have their own private name server for branding reasons. If any of their clients does WHOIS check, there it will appear Name Server of Reseller instead of Hosting companies Name Server. Besides branding when you decide to move from one server to another or move host you don’t want to contact all of your clients and request them to change new name servers. If you change your server, all you need to do is update the IP’s of your private name servers. The Clients will start moving to the new servers as soon as the name server IP addresses are updated. The domains begin propagating to the new server as soon as you update your name server’s IP addresses.

How to get Private Name Server?

Private Name Server

 You have to create Private Name Server at the registrar from where you have purchased your domain name. Make sure that you will not be able to create Private Name Server without creating it at your domain registrar. Method of setting Private Name Server may vary according to the registrar. While you trying to create DNS you can see the options “Register DNS” “Add DNS” or “Create DNS” from your domain name management portal. If you have any issues you can contact your domain registrar.

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