Best Auto Spa Car Services

In addition to fully detailing your fine automobile we offer a line of services to not only protect your investment but to enhance it as well. Check out our full line of additional services. We offer installation of aftermarket items, full engine bay detailing, and wet sanding/buffing of exterior paint. We also apply pin striping and door edge guards. Please phone for availability and pricing.

Paint Sealant
Meguiar’s one year or 52 washes
*Includes wash, dry and high speed buffing

Door Guards
Call for pricing,  varies by style

Fabric Protection (Scotchgard)
$29.95 most vehicles

Paint Over-spray Removal
Estimates given based on the amount of over-spray

Engine Cleaning 

Wet Sanding & Buffing     
Call for pricing

Pin Striping  
Call for price quote based on style and colors

Clay bar treatment (for removal of rail dust  and contaminates from vehicle finish)
$60.00 Most Vehicles

Airbrush Touch Up’s

Stone chips/Scratches/Minor nicks
(Call for pricing depends on the extent of airbrush work)

The paint and clearcoat on a vehicle is very thin- sometimes no more than .05 mills. Waxing a vehicle provides shine and also a layer of protection for the paint. However, to truly protect your expensive finish it is recommended that you apply a paint sealant. The purpose of the paint sealant is to provide a hard barrier between your paint/clearcoat and the elements. A paint sealant fills microscopic holes and indentations in your paint giving it a deep luxurious shine. Paint sealant will protect your car through 12 months or 52 washes.
Many fabric protectants are on the market for automobiles. Fabric protectants (Scotchgard) repel stains, water spots, food and grease. The protectant creates an impervious barrier between stains and your interior fabric. Spills and stains easily wipe off the fabric and do not settle into the fibers.


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