How to Avoid Injuries During a Move

The whole process of moving is stressful most of the time. There are numerous details that you need to consider. Most people have so many things in mind that they only focus on getting the work done. Because of this, it is very easy for you to completely forget about taking the time to implement safety measures. While deciding to hire professional movers might be a choice, some people simply prefer moving on their own. Such a process comes with a lot of responsibilities. They include packing items carefully, moving them to your transport vehicle, transporting them, and finally unpacking them. This adds pressure on you thus making the process even more frustrating and stressing; injuries during DIY moves are common.

Yet, these injuries and accidents can be easily avoidable if you focus on employing methods that will add to your safety during the move.

Here are some of the things that will help you avoid Injuries during a move;

  • Planning matters;

Rushing and doing things haphazardly is one of the major causes of accidents and injuries during a move. While rushing to get the job done, you hardly pay enough attention to what you are doing. Before you realize it, you’ve glazed your hand between an object and the wall, or twisted your ankle after missing a step on the stairs; all these can be easily avoided if you plan well in advance. Place the easier and more tiring processes on top and at the bottom of your list respectively. This will ensure that you do not get tired earlier before you’ve even done half of what you had planned.

  • Protective Gear;

You will move up and down your staircase, you will need to pull some items out of shelves, and also lift the heavy and large items, and so on. Other times you have to move items that have sharp and rough corners. These are inherently risky tasks that can lead to serious injuries. Thus It is therefore recommended that you;

  1. Wear gloves and general clothes that will cover and protect you from getting cuts and scratches on your body.
  2. Ensure that you wear shoes that are closed and with heavy soles. This will protect you from sharp objects such as nails that fall on the floor. These shoes should also have a good grip on the surface of the floor to prevent sliding and falling.
  • Apply the proper techniques;

Practicing proper lifting methods, especially for heavier items will help you prevent and avoid back injuries. Here are some of the things you need to do when lifting heavy items during a move;

  1. To begin with, whenever possible, always use a cart to move your heavy items while moving. Don’t bend your back while lifting heavy items. Instead, you should bend and lift your knees to reach for the item.
  2. Besides that, at all costs, avoid lifting items over your head. This is plain dangerous.
  3. If you feel like the load you’re carrying is too heavy, it probably is. Feel free to seek for help from family or neighbors. Avoid lifting items that feel too heavy and strenuous.
  4. Lastly, take lengthy breaks after you move one heavy item. These breaks are good for you as they prevent back and muscle injuries.
  • Be Prepared for Unexpected Weather;

Some regions undergo extreme weather conditions throughout the year. While you move, you might experience unexpected snowstorms or heavy rains. Ensure you carry with you clothing that is appropriate for the present weather. During extreme winter seasons, be sure to dress heavily to avoid frostbite while you move. Also, remember to carry vehicle equipment that will help you in case you get stuck in the snow.

Easy and obvious as the above points may appear, they are your best guarantee against being injured in a move. In addition to that, you will have a less stressful and frustrating moving process. The next time you plan to move from one area to the other, think of Big Yellow Express, the premier removal company in the UK and beyond.  We pay much attention to the safety of our removal crews, your safety and that of those around you, not to mention the consignment we are transporting. Our removal crews are all equipped with the right safety gear during a move. Our trucks and vans are also specially fitted with straps and loading platforms to minimize the effort needed to lift and hoist heavy items. Don’t risk a serious back injury trying to lift a bulky item alone, while we, the real pros, are skilled in handling such tasks on a day to day basis. As a fully insured removal company, we always take the due diligence and precaution when working in all environments, be they domestic or commercial or even industrial.

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